Packaging AFNI

AFNI is an environment for processing and displaying functional MRI data. It provides a complete analysis toolchain, including 3D cortical surface models, and mapping of volumetric data (SUMA).

Packaging AFNI for Debian is part of our general efforts to provide comprehensive neuro-imaging research support.


A fully functional package is available from the NeuroDebian repository. Current work focuses on continuously tracking upstream development and making the package fit for Debian proper.

To ease development a Git repository has been created that contains the history of AFNI development since 1998. Because upstream doesn’t expose a version control system the repository is populated with daily snapshots of the sources.

A new CMake-based build-system has been developed for AFNI.


AFNI packaging

  • Refurbish the afni-data package to meet Debian standards.
  • Push remaining patches upstream. A first wave has been submitted, but not yet adopted. It remains uncertain if the CMake buildsystem gets accepted.
  • Perform a final license check. Lots of 3rd-party code has already been removed from the package to allow for legal redistribution (e.g. edges3D library).
  • Develop a test suite for AFNI. We received a suitable dataset to implement a test running a full retinotopic mapping analysis.



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