The majority of the electrophysiology research community in neuroscience is locked-in the proprietary software solutions which accompanying data acquisition hardware. That impairs their ability to adopt novel data analysis methodologies and experimental setups. There already exist a variety of primarily Linux-based FOSS solutions in this domain. But software development and dissemination is often impaired by the absence of the efforts centralization and existing problems with the support of the core components by the used operating systems. Nevertheless, Debian and its derivatives already dominate as the operating systems of choice by such projects.

We are planing to help addressing existing issues in the core necessary components provided by Debian to help upstream authors with streamlining their development. Furthermore we are planing to package some popular deployment-ready FOSS solutions and make them an integral part of Debian.


We have collected information on interesting and alive projects in this domain within neuroscience-electrophysiology task page. To gather information on the needs of the researchers interested in this field we have researched researchers demands while helding a Debian booth at SfN10 conference. To further elaborate the work plan, we have initiated discussions with upstream authors (private correspondence and on neurodebian-devel, neurodebian-upstream mailing lists).


Electrophysiology coverage

  • Help to ensure adequate status in Debian of the necessary core components, e.g. Comedi, RTAI (see DBTS: 606122, 608091, 609633):
  • Consider packaging prebuilt kernels with RTAI patches/support to make available from NeuroDebian repository


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