NeuroDebian repository snapshotting

The official Debian snapshotting service ( allows obtaining any version of any software that was ever present in Debian, and provides a complete state of the Debian archive with all software versions corresponding to a specific date. We are going to adopt this service to provide this functionality for the NeuroDebian repository itself, thus covering backports of our packages for all supported Debian and Ubuntu releases, as well as staging packages that have not been accepted into Debian, but may already be used by researchers. Used in conjunction with the official Debian snapshotting repository, it would allow for the reconstruction of entire research environments or simply for installation of a particular previous version of a product of interest.


We have adapted implementation to snapshot NeuroDebian repository and snapshotting service was deployed on 2010-10-12.


NeuroDebian snapshotting service

  • Provide web-frontend to access existing snapshots within NeuroDebian website.


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