Report a bug

If you believe that there is a bug in ###pkgname###, we would be grateful if you take the time to report it. Only known problems can get fixed!

Here are a few tips to help you report this bug in a way that facilitates its resolution.

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Please double-check the name of the faulty package

If you have trouble with a command, you can identify the corresponding package by running this command in a terminal:

$ dpkg -S `readlink -f $(which COMMAND)`

where COMMAND is the name of the command that fails.

If you believe there is a problem with a file installed on your system you can find the responsible package by running:

$ dpkg -S FULLPATH

where FULLPATH is the complete absolute path of the file.

Try to reproduce the bug

If you cannot reproduce the bug it is likely that the package maintainer also cannot do it. Please make an attempt to find out under which circumstances the faulty behavior occurs. However, if you can’t figure it out, please report the bug nevertheless – maybe someone else can provide the missing information.

Describe the problem so that the developer can reproduce it

That means including every single detail – not just the “important” ones. What kind of system (hardware/software) are you using? What did you do exactly when the bug hit you?

Remember: bug reports are not just input for developers, but also help other users to identify whether they are affected by the same problem, and a recommended solution applies to them as well.

A good bug report is an important service to the community!

More information on high quality bug reporting is available at:

Please email bug reports to the neurodebian-users or neurodebian-devel mailing list – whichever is more appropriate. In rare cases where your bug report contains confidential information, please email it directly to

If you have evidence that the faulty behavior is not specific to NeuroDebian, your bug report is best directed to the developers of the respective software.


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