dcm2niix – converts DICOM and PAR/REC files into the NIfTI format

This is the successor of the well-known dcm2nii program. it aims to provide same functionality albeit with much faster operation. This is a new tool that is not yet well tested, and does not handle ancient proprietary formats. Use with care.

Package availability chart
Distribution Base version Our version Architectures
Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 (jessie)   1:1.0.20181125-1~nd1~nd80+1 i386, amd64
Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (stretch) 1.0.20161101-1 1:1.0.20190410-1~nd1~nd90+1 amd64
  1.0.20161101-1 1:1.0.20181125-1~nd2~nd90+1 i386
Debian testing (buster) 1.0.20181125-1 1:1.0.20190410-1~nd1~nd100+1 i386, amd64
Debian unstable (sid) 1.0.20181125-1 1:1.0.20190410-1~nd1~nd+1 i386, amd64
Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” (trusty)   1:1.0.20181125-1~nd1~nd14.04+1 i386, amd64
Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” (xenial)   1:1.0.20181125-1~nd1~nd16.04+1 i386, amd64
Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver” (bionic) 1.0.20171215-1 1:1.0.20190410-1~nd1~nd18.04+1 i386, amd64
Ubuntu 18.10 “Cosmic Cuttlefish” (cosmic) 1.0.20171215-1 1:1.0.20190410-1~nd1~nd18.10+1 i386, amd64
Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” (disco) 1.0.20181125-1 1:1.0.20190410-1~nd1~nd19.04+1 i386, amd64


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