NeuroDebian “Machines”

We maintain few boxes of different architectures to help us and upstream projects to troubleshoot problems found with maintained software. They should be accessible via ssh, but mention that access is guarded by fail2ban so in case of a few unsuccessful login attempts you might get banned for a few minutes before you can try to login again.

Hostname Architecture and SSH fingerprint sparc TI (UltraSparc II, BlackBird) a6:8a:fe:a0:63:5c:8d:93:c8:23:99:e5:b8:8c:4b:74

Howto use them

When you login you get into Debian stable which might lack needed for your software build depends, so you would need to switch to a sid (Debian unstable) chroot which is updated from time to time and which has needed build dependencies pre-installed for you:


should get you into such chroot (if you add -p switch it would preserve your environment if you happen to forward X etc)


Obviously build dependencies necessary for your software should have got preinstalled both in stable (if available) and sid chroot whenever you asked for the access.

Persistent sessions

You might like to use screen for persistent session. Alternatively you might like just to sshfs that directory back to your local box and do editing in the environment you like and just build/test on a remote box – but connection must be reasonably fast. Also there is tightvnc if you like to carry persistent GUI session (you would need to tunnel it via ssh)


ccache (in sid chroot as well) to possibly expedite rebuilding.


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