The Big TODO

This is a comprehensive list of all ToDo items documented on the NeuroDebian website.


AFNI packaging

  • Refurbish the afni-data package to meet Debian standards.

  • Push remaining patches upstream. A first wave has been submitted, but not yet adopted. It remains uncertain if the CMake buildsystem gets accepted.

  • Perform a final license check. Lots of 3rd-party code has already been removed from the package to allow for legal redistribution (e.g. edges3D library).

  • Develop a test suite for AFNI. We received a suitable dataset to implement a test running a full retinotopic mapping analysis.

(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_afni.rst, line 33.)



  • Finish the SPEC.

  • Initiate discussion.

  • Identify and package relevant neuroscience datasets that can be used to develop multi-software regression/pipeline tests.

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Electrophysiology coverage

  • Help to ensure adequate status in Debian of the necessary core components, e.g. Comedi, RTAI (see DBTS: 606122, 608091, 609633):

  • Consider packaging prebuilt kernels with RTAI patches/support to make available from NeuroDebian repository

(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_electrophys.rst, line 36.)


FreeSurfer packaging

  • Collect and provide all required libraries to link against

  • Decide on further separation in to binary packages

  • Decide on how to ship “freesurfer-cuda” (depends on non-free materials, so cannot be build by the source in Debian main component)

  • Investigate possibility to deprecate/replace functionality dependent on antique libraries which might have been or soon will be removed from Debian (e.g. xview)

(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_freesurfer.rst, line 35.)


Integrating Matlab-based software

  • Finish packaging of fieldtrip which is necessary to complete the packaging of SPM.

  • Create matlab-psychtoolbox-3 to complement octave-psychtoolbox-3.

  • Create matlab-biosig to complement octave-biosig.

(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_matlab.rst, line 54.)


Neural modeling software coverage

  • Complete packaging of PCSIM

  • Complete packaging of NEURON

(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_neuralmodeling.rst, line 20.)


Tailor Debian for psychophysics research

  • Complete packaging of Psychtoolbox-3

  • Provide convenience package and guidelines for assuring robust performance of the provided stimuli presentation software (e.g. setting permissions for enabling RT scheduling, memory locking etc)

(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_psychophysics.rst, line 22.)


NeuroDebian snapshotting service

  • Provide web-frontend to access existing snapshots within NeuroDebian website.

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(The original entry is located in /home/neurodebian/tools/neurodebian/build/src/proj_template.rst, line 17.)


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