libopenmeeg1 – library for solving EEG and MEG forward and inverse problems

OpenMEEG consists of state-of-the art solvers for forward problems in the field of MEG and EEG. Solvers are based on the symmetric Boundary Element method [Kybic et al, 2005], providing excellent accuracy, particularly for superficial cortical sources. OpenMEEG can compute four types of lead fields (EEG, MEG, Internal Potential and Electrical Impedence Tomography).

This package provides dynamic libraries.

Alexandre Gramfort, Théodore Papadopoulo, Emmanuel Olivi, Maureen Clerc (2010). OpenMEEG: opensource software for quasistatic bioelectromagnetics. *BioMedical Engineering OnLine 45:9, *, . [Abstract]
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Debian unstable (sid)   2.0.0.dfsg-4~nd+1 i386, amd64


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