python-openopt – Python module for numerical optimization

Numerical optimization framework developed in Python which provides connections to lots of solvers with easy and unified OpenOpt syntax. Problems which can be tackled with OpenOpt

  • Linear Problem (LP)
  • Mixed-Integer Linear Problem (MILP)
  • Quadratic Problem (QP)
  • Non-Linear Problem (NLP)
  • Non-Smooth Problem (NSP)
  • Non-Linear Solve Problem (NLSP)
  • Least Squares Problem (LSP)
  • Linear Least Squares Problem (LLSP)
  • Mini-Max Problem (MMP)
  • Global Problem (GLP)

A variety of solvers is available (e.g. IPOPT, ALGENCAN).

Package availability chart
Distribution Base version Our version Architectures
Debian GNU/Linux 10.0 (buster) 0.38+svn1589-1.1    
Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (stretch) 0.38+svn1589-1.1 0.38+svn1589-1~nd70+1+nd90+1 i386, amd64, sparc, armel
Debian unstable (sid)   0.38+svn1589-1~nd+1 i386, amd64, sparc, armel
Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” (xenial) 0.38+svn1589-1.1    
Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver” (bionic) 0.38+svn1589-1.1    


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