matlab-support – distro integration for local MATLAB installations

This package does not provide MATLAB. Instead, it configures an existing MATLAB installation to integrate more comfortably in a Debian installation.

Currently it provides /usr/bin/matlab through the alternatives system, offers to work around incompatibilities between the libraries bundled with MATLAB and system libraries, and provides a helper utility meant to be used by other packages to compile MEX extensions.

Install this if you would like your MATLAB installation to behave more like an ordinary Debian package. Other packages may depend on this one if they install MATLAB code, for example in order to compile MEX extensions.

Package availability chart
Distribution Base version Our version Architectures
Debian GNU/Linux 10.0 (buster) 0.0.21    
Debian GNU/Linux 11.0 (bullseye) 0.0.22    
Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (stretch) 0.0.21 0.0.21~nd90+1 i386, amd64, sparc, armel
Debian testing (bookworm) 0.0.23    
Debian unstable (sid) 0.0.23 0.0.21~nd+1 i386, amd64, sparc, armel
Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” (xenial) 0.0.21    
Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver” (bionic) 0.0.21    
Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa” (focal)    
Ubuntu 21.10 “Impish Indri” (impish) 0.0.22    
Ubuntu 22.04 “Jammy Jellyfish” (jammy) 0.0.23    


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