mclaren-rhesus-macaque-atlas – MRI-based brain atlas of the rhesus macaque monkey

A population-average MRI-based atlas collection for the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) that can be used with common brain mapping packages such as SPM or FSL. In addition to T1-weighted atlas data, probabilistic tissue classification maps and T2-weighted atlases were also created. Theses atlases are aligned to the MRI volume from the Saleem, K.S. and Logothetis, N.K. (2006) atlas providing an explicit link to histological sections. Additionally, there is a transform to integrate these atlases with the F99 surface-based atlas in CARET.


McLaren DG, Kostmatka KJ, Oakes TR, Kroenke CD, Kohama SG, Matochik JA, Ingram DK,, Johnson SC. (2009). A Population-Average MRI-Based Atlas Collection of the Rhesus Macaque. *Neuroimage, 45: 52-9, *, . [Abstract] [DOI]

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i386, amd64, armel, ppc64el, mipsel


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