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NeuroDebian provides a large collection of popular neuroscience research software for the Debian operating system as well as Ubuntu and other derivatives. Popular packages include AFNI, FSL, PyMVPA and many others. While we do strive to maintain a high level of quality, we make no guarantee that a given package works as expected, so use them at your own risk. If you do encounter problems or you just like to say thanks, simply send us an email.

Learn more about NeuroDebian, the goals of this project, and help us spread the word about NeuroDebian!

It [NeuroDebian] is of great advantage for the management of the computers of the lab because NeuroDebian allows to reduce the system administration costs.

—– Paolo Avesani [2010-09-15] Neuroinformatics Laboratory, Center for Mind/Brain sciences -CIMEC-, University of Trento, Trento, Italy

Get NeuroDebian

First select what kind of operating system you are using, and then choose a download server close to you:

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Instructions for Debian-derived systems

Select desired components:

only software with guaranteed freedoms
all packages are DSFG-compliant, with permission to use, modify, re-distribute under any condition
all software
individual packages may have restrictive licenses and you are required to check license-compliance manually

You can enable NeuroDebian on your system by simply copying and pasting the following two commands into a terminal window. This will add the NeuroDebian repository to your native package management system, and you will be able to install neuroscience software the same way as any other package.

After selecting a release the setup code will be shown here.

Now you can update the package index and you are ready to install packages. Simply execute the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get update

You are ready to go – enjoy NeuroDebian!


Not every package is available for all distributions/releases. For information about which package version is available for which release and architecture, please have a look at the corresponding package pages.

Instructions for non-Debian systems

For all non-Debian operating systems we recommend to deploy NeuroDebian as a virtual appliance (virtual machine) – this will only take a few minutes. On all modern hardware (built within the last 3-4 years) a virtual appliance is a convenient solution to run NeuroDebian simultaneously with the primary operating system – without noticeable performance loss. To start using NeuroDebian:

  1. Download this image file:

  1. Import this image into VirtualBox. If you do not have VirtualBox installed yet, visit the VirtualBox download page and get an installer for your system (installers for Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris are available).

  2. Finish the configuration by following the instructions on setting up the virtual appliance. [Virtual machine setup video tutorial]

You are ready to go – enjoy NeuroDebian!


If you want a verified stable (but older) virtual appliances based on Debian 7.8 (wheezy) release, download one of the image files listed below.


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