fsl-bangor-cerebellar-atlas – probabilistic atlas of the human cerebellum

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This is a probabilistic atlas of the cerebellar lobules in the anatomical space defined by the MNI152 template. Lobules were masked separately on T1-weighted MRI scans (1 mm isotropic resolution) of 20 healthy young participants (10 male, 10 female, average age 23.7 yrs). These cerebella were then aligned to the standard or non-linear version of the whole-brain MNI152 template using a number of commonly used normalization algorithms, or to a previously published cerebellum-only template (Diedrichsen, J., 2006. A spatially unbiased atlas template of the human cerebellum. NeuroImage 33, 127-138).

This package is part of FSL.

Rahul S Desikan, Florent Segonne, Bruce Fischl, Brian T Quinn, Bradford C Dickerson, Deborah Blacker, Randy L Buckner, Anders M Dale, R Paul Maguire, Bradley T Hyman, Marilyn S Albert, Ronald J Killiany (2006). An automated labeling system for subdividing the human cerebral cortex on MRI scans into gyral based regions of interest. *Neuroimage, 31: 968–980, *, . [Abstract] [DOI]
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